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Ikon Carpentry

Contact: Isaac Stelley
Work Phone: 707-688-7626 Website: Ikon carpentry
Photo of Ikon Carpentry

Biographical Info

Describe the Business:

Ikon Carpentry creates custom woodworks for home, office, retail space or restaurant.   Designs can include reused wood.

Highlights: Furniture, recycled or reused content

Manufacturer of

  • Couches,
  • Morris Chairs
  • Beds

Benefits of Product (if applicable)

  • High quality that will hold up to the impact of time
  • Arts & Crafts design
  • Design with repurposed materials

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product
  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production

Production:  Materials Used

  • Range of local, exotic woods, and recovered wood
  • Will work with repurposed objects, incorporating them into range of furniture

Manufacturing Present: (product list)

  • Couches
  • Morris Chairs
  • Beds
  • Designs that use repurposed materials: windows, table legs, wood, and more.
Categories: Furniture, Recycled/Reused Content