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Rover’s Choice

Work Redwood Acres Business Park Website: Rover’s Choice
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Highlights: Pet food, gifts

Describe the Business:

Natural dog bones made in Humboldt County from local, grass-fed beef.

Rover’s Choice created a product from the waste stream of our local grass-fed beef industry.

Their bones come from USDA inspected beef, raised locally on California’s North Coast.  Humboldt County’s mild climate and seasonal rainfall means that grass-fed beef can be raised naturally year round, giving Rover’s Choice a steady supply of bones.

Each batch is processed by hand. Bones are cut to length and refrigerated in a brine solution for approximately 5 days. They are smoked at 180 degrees for 24 hours in purpose-built smokers using a blend of sustainably-harvested cherry, apple, plum, and other species. Bones are then transferred to a drying room for further moisture removal.

Everything added to the process is food-grade. There are no preservatives.

Manufacturer of

Smoked bones for dogs:

  • Bits and Pieces Rib Pack
  • Large Funny
  • Half Knuckle, (mini, small, med, and large
  • Rib Page (small and large),
  • Marrow (small, med, large)
  • Hanger
  • The Big Dog
  • Shin

Benefits of Product

  • USDA inspected meat
  • Everything is food grade

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product
  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production – bones from grass fed beef production

Materials Used

  • Beef Bones
Categories: Food - Pet, Gifts