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Contact: Charlie Wilson
Work PO BOx 2562 Redway CA 95560 Work Phone: (707) 923-3000 Website: PV-Cables
Photo of PV-Cables

Biographical Info

PV Cable specializes in the manufacturing of renewable energy products and includes array adaptors, output cables, solar tools, a variety of connectors and cable.  When PV modules started coming up with specialized cables attached at the factory instead of just a junction box, this change required cables that would mate to the modules directly.

PV Cable makes custom cables to customer specification, in a variety of lengths.

Highlights: Solar; photovoltaic (PV) cables; custom cables; green product; battery cables; design services; energy product; new product prototype; small batch production

Manufacturer of

  • Custom cables to customer specification, in a variety of lengths using Multi-Contact, Tyco, Amphenol Helios, and Radox connectors.
  • Adapters that go from one type of connector system to another.
  • Battery cable for off grid or on grid.

Benefits of Product 

  • PV-Cables save time and money with assembled cables, manufactured by established, experienced professionals.
  • Array adapters & output cables are torqued to the connector manufacture’s specifications.
  • Strict procedures and precise techniques guarantee optimal performance
  • PV-Cables combines top-notch products, lightning fast shipping, and superior customer service.
  • PV wire has superior sunlight resistance and low-temperature flexibility in addition to a thicker insulation or jacket and a proven level of flame resistance.
  • PV wire can facilitate the use of ungrounded PV arrays as well as transformerless inverters.
  • Use only the brand names the module manufacturers specify and do not use cheaper imitations that are supposedly compatible.

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product
  • Local product production

Production:  Materials Used

  • They make products using Multi-Contact, Tyco, Amphenaol Helios, and Radox connectors.  They meet the module manufacturer specifications and use brand name components.
  • Cable

Manufacturing Present: (product list)

  • Battery Cable Manufactured with UL approved Cobra Cable
  • PV-Output Cables Manufactured from 10 AWG Cable
  • 8 AWG Available if Desired

Business Services (for other companies)

Specialize in

  • Any type of custom wiring harness

Innovator Services:

  • Design
  • New product prototype assistance
  • Small batch production

Other skills, specializations

  • Engineering sizing systems
  • Trouble shooting PV systems
Categories: Design Services, Energy Product, New Product Prototype, Small Batch Production, Solar