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Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park

Contact: Eric and Viviana Hollenbeck
Work One “X” Street Eureka CA 95501-0847 Work Phone: 444-3437, (800) 248-2459 Website: Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park
Photo of Blue Ox Millworks & Historic Park

Biographical Info

Highlights:  Millwork: Wood: Makerspace

Describe the Business:

Blue Ox Millworks creates authentic custom millwork for private homes, historic cathedrals, national parks, and commercial buildings throughout the United States. Their millwork focus is Victorian but they also specialize in meeting the millwork demands of new and original architectural designs.  They include reproductions, renovation, restoration, structural or decorative.

Manufacturing Present: (product list)

Interior and exterior moldings,



Custom wood windows,

Wood doors,

Redwood gutter,


Gable decorations,

Victorian gingerbread or Victorian reproductions.


Benefits of Product (if applicable)

  • Living History Park.
  • Educational website
  • Victorian, Edwardian, and modern.
  • Other____________________



Business Inquiry:  How does someone contact business if interested?

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product,
  • Local product production,
  • Recycled content production –

Production:  Materials Used

  • Wood
  • Metal Foundry

 Business Services (for other companies)

Specialize in

  • .
  • Will work with

Innovator Services:

  • ____ Design
  • ____ New product prototype assistance
  • ____ Small batch production
  • ____ Other



Other skills, specializations (both in use and abilities),



Equipment (include equipment not in use now)

Blacksmith Shop

Blue Ox has their own mill so they can mill up all lumber to requested dimension.


Categories: Lumber, MakerSpaces, Metal, Recycled/Reused Content, Wood Products