RCRA_logo “A network of community leaders and institutions working together regionally to improve current and future conditions of local people and the land.”

RCRA Leaders are committed to:
➢ Regional Stewardship
➢ Boundary Crossing
➢ Triple Bottom Line Outcomes

Regional Stewards — RCRA Leaders are more than just regional leaders; they are committed to careful and responsible management of land, air and water, the long-term well-being of all people in their communities and collective action to create a positive future for the region.

Boundary Crossers — RCRA Leaders bridge jurisdictions, sectors, and disciplines to address complex regional issues such as environmental quality, equity, education and economic development. They see the connection between economic, environmental, and social concerns and seek to “connect the dots” to create opportunities for the region.

Triple Bottom Line — RCRA leaders are committed to a community investment strategy and accounting framework that recognizes the three forms of capital: financial, social and natural, and directs and prioritizes investment to areas that increase all three forms of capital simultaneously and measures performance by financial, social and environmental outcomes.