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Alchemy Distillery

Contact: Amy and Steve Bohner
Work 330 S. G. St Arcata CA 95521 Home Phone: 707-822-8013 Website: Alchemy Distillery
Photo of Alchemy Distillery

Biographical Info

Distillery of

-Clear Whiskey
-Genever-style Gin
-Straight Whiskey and Bourbon

Alchemy is a small craft distillery in Arcata, CA. Their focus is on small batch, high-quality spirits made exclusively on American made equipment. They source their grain as locally as possible with 100% of their wheat and rye coming from Humboldt County and all of their corn is California grown less than 300 miles away.

-“We are so excited about our collaboration with Los Bagels! We have successfully made Whiskey using their day-old bagels. Talk about creative re-use! And 100% of the spent mash goes to local pigs.”

Categories: Distillery, Recycled/Reused Content