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American Hydroponics

Contact: Jenny Harris
Work 286 South G Street Arcata CA 95521 Work Phone: 707-822-5777 Work Phone: 1-800-458-6543 Website: American Hydroponics
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Biographical Info

American Hydroponics provides state-of-the-art crop performance products and services for people to grow crops successfully, year ‘round for pleasure and profit in any environment with an emphasis on conserving resources.

American Hydroponics known for its innovation by leading the industry with easy-to-access, high-performance horticultural products, greenhouse supplies, resource conservative equipment as well as unique products and knowledge that no one else in the industry has. They have been designing and building energy and water efficient hydroponic systems, blending plant foods and biostimulants for over 30 years and know how to use them to grow thriving crops.
-Systems and Components
-Vine Crop Systems and Components
-Medical Crop System and Components
-Propagation Systems and Components
-Electronics and Light
-Nutrients and Additives
-Growing Media
-Education through Books, Consulting, and Seminars

Highlights: hydroponic designs & systems for large commercial and residential vegetable production; thermoforming plastics; fertilizer; distributor

Manufacturer of:

  • Custom HDPE plastic growing channels
  • Galvanized steel table frames
  • Thermoformed plastic propagations trays and nutrient reservoirs
  • Biostimulants: plant performance products, AminoActin, CytoActin
  • Hydroponic nutrient formulas, custom blended for hobbyist and large scale greenhouse growers
  • Heavy Duty Orchid Net Pots: Manufactured locally for American Hydroponics
  • 2.5 gallon square pots:  Manufactured locally for American Hydroponics

Benefits of Product (if applicable)

  • Hydroponic horticultures uses one tenth of the water traditional agriculture uses. With lettuce, traditional agriculture grows 5 crops a year, hydroponics can grow 26. No comparison when it comes to efficient use of space and resources.
  • Hydroponic horticulture when coupled with greenhouses CEA (controlled environment agriculture) produces food all year round can be easily localized in ANY environment from Alaska to Tampa FL.
  • American Hydroponics has 30 years of experience with recirculating hydroponics and providing growers support internationally.
  • All products are manufactured in America.
  • All products are manufactured in California
  • Benefits for people in urban areas:  allows people to grow large volumes of produce locally in urban areas without the use of soil, shorter farm to table distances mean higher quality produce, fresher, more nutritional. Minimal distribution costs.
  • Systems are being used on rooftops in NY to grow food locally.
  • Visit their “Get Started” page and select which the range of options from Hobbyist to Experienced growers.

Business Inquiry:  How does someone contact business if interested?

  • Contacts above: Jenny Harris

Production:  Materials Used

Plastics, galvanized steel, powdered minerals,

Manufacturing Present: (product list)

  • Thermo formed propagation trays and nutrient reservoirs
  • Assembly of hydroponic systems and components. Consolidating container shipments

Business Services (for other companies)

  • Specialize in Hydroponics
  • Commercial food production
  • Commercial Greenhouses


  • Skilled in new product development and manufacturing technique


  • Metal band saws, drills, presses and pipe cutters

Thermoformer is a heat and plastic forming machine that allows the manufacture of specially designed tray & reservoir designs.  American Hydroponics uses a unique ABS plastic made from 75% recycled material.

Categories: Agricultural/Gardening, Hydroponics, Thermoforming