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Foodworks Culinary Center

City of Arcata
Work Phone: 707-599-7986 Website: foodworks culinary center
Photo of Foodworks Culinary Center

Biographical Info

Highlights: Commercial Food Kitchens: Community Rental kitchen:

Describe the Business:

The Foodworks Culinary Center is designed to facilitate small and start-up food manufacturing businesses in support of Arcata’s niche foods sector.  The facility offers monthly and hourly  kitchen rentals, both cold and dry storage available on a monthly rental basis, and a warehouse with a receiving dock.

For Food Manufacturers

Kitchens and equipment available for food manufacturers

Benefits of for the Food Manufacturer

  • The Foodworks facility has a variety of assets that designed to assist small start-up food manufacturing businesses to succeed and are available to lease at very affordable prices.
  • The community rental kitchen is rented hourly and is provisioned with commercial grade equipment including a commercial six burner range and oven, a two door convection oven, steam jacketed kettle, 32 quart mixer, stainless steel work tables, a Multivac (vacuum seal) machine and a three compartment sink.
  • Permanent Kitchen Rentals: The Foodworks facility is comprised of a variety of spaces that are available to rent.  All spaces are food certified.  Spaces range in size from 185 to 1,050 square feet.
  • Warehouse, Refrigeration, Freezer, or Other Assets


Business Inquiry:  How does someone contact business if interested?

Go to :  for on line rental applications and more detailed information.


Manufacturing of small or medium size batches by local Food Manufacturers who are involved in:

  • _x__ New product production,
  • _x__ Just-in-Time inventory:
  • _x__ Local product production,
  • ___ Recycled content production –


Production:  Materials Used

  • Produce, fruit, and other wholesale food products

Manufacturing Present: (product list)

  • Variety of Food Manufacturers – is there a list?

Business Services (for other companies)

Specializes in

  • Rental Commercial Kitchens
  • Start-up food manufacturers
  • Warehouse, Refrigeration, Freezer

Innovator Services available:

  • ____ Design
  • ____ New product prototype assistance
  • __x__ Small batch production
  • ____ Other

Other skills, specializations (both in use and abilities),

City loans and grants available through AEDC


Equipment (include equipment not in use now)

  • Community Rental Kitchen
    • Commercial six burner range and oven,
    • Two door convection oven,
    • Steam jacketed kettle,
    • 32 quart mixer,
    • Stainless steel work tables,
    • Multivac (vacuum seal) machine
    • Three compartment sink.
    • Refrigeration
    • Freezer
    • Warehouse
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