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InPrinting: 3D Designs & Prints

Contact: Shawn Dean
Work Phone: (707) 273-0952

Biographical Info

InPrinting specializes in 3D designing and printing of customized products – from rapid prototyping, small production of products, to producing replacement parts (obsolete or difficult to locate).

From prototype to production is a market development process.  InPrinting will assist with product development.

Highlights: 3-D printer (plastic); rapid prototypes (plastic); small batch production (plastic); product design services;

This process has many components which all need to work correctly to make a 3D printer a working system for you.

  • Three dimensional objects can be created from digital CAD (computer aided design) models. These printers extrude different materials (InPrinting is using plastics) in order to create different physical 3-D objects.
  • Rapid prototyping enables the inventor to physical work with their design, make adjustments, simplify design, attract financing, and patent their product. Many individuals have creative ideas, but are unable to bring these ideas to market.  Rapid prototyping is a step toward market development.
  • The CAD (computer aided design) file that the software/firmware receives to start the process can be brought to InPrinting or can be developed at InPrinting.   After the product is analyzed in the design process, the next step is the creation of the physical product.
  • STL files or STereoLithography is a type of CAD file format. It is a more simplistic file type than CAD files, limited by its lack of use of color, and textures. STL files use a triangular modeling system that breaks down the surface of the object into three-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System.
  • The 3-D printer is a type of extruder.  The extruder heats plastic (filament) into a liquid so it can be layered to create the 3-D Model.

Printer Description:

Printer uses a Fused Filament Fabrication and/or additive manufacturing process of which a PLA (poly lactic acid) plastic is layered on a print bed at 230 degrees. Specific computer software will “slice” the 3D object like a “deli slicer” and then this data is sent to the control board of the printer.  It is interpreted by the on board firmware of the control board and then the object is printed.

Business Inquiry:  (Call or e-mail)

  • If a CAD design has already been created, production to printer can be more direct.  Recommend  STL file or CAD file
  • InPrinting will assist with CAD design as part of process

Manufacturing of one of a kind, prototype, and small batch

  • New product
  • Replacement of obsolete or difficult to replace parts
  • Just-in-Time inventory:  (small production)
  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production –  (not at this time but InPrinting is looking into this possibility.  After prototype, recycled content production is available locally)

Manufacturing Present:

  • Replacement, prototypes and small production for diverse clients.  
  • Materials used:  Plastic:  PLA (poly lactic acid) plastic and ABS (check)

Business Services

Specialize in

  • Prototypes  (plastic)
  • Small production (Plastic:  PLA (poly lactic acid) plastic and ABS)
  • Replacement part (plastic)

Innovator Services:

  • New product prototype assistance
  • Small batch production
  • Other:    (Assistance with CAD design)


Low cost prototyping, fast, assistance with design.

Other skills, specializations, equipment

**CAD design     **3D scanning


Categories: 3-D Printing, Design Services, New Product Prototype, Small Batch Production