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J & T’s Molded Plastic Enterprises

Contact: John Schwarz
Work PO Box 711 Redway CA 95560 Work Phone: (707) 923-2817

Biographical Info

J&T is a manufacturer and contractor for products and parts made from plastic, including recycled content products.

Highlights: plastic-injection molded; blow molding; tooling molds; small batch to large production; recycled content; innovators/inventors assistance; new product prototype

Manufacturing processes:

  • Injection Molded
  • Blow molded

Benefits of Product Services

  • Fill a just- in- time order without having money tied up in inventory
  • Simplify supply chain
  • American made product preference
  • Present product – as designed or add a redesign, for local/regional/national company
  • Recycled content preference

Manufacturer of Products:

  • Perfect Pots:  This square Perfect Pot measures 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 7.5″.  The pot holds 2 gallons of soil or other growing materials.  It is reusable and made from at least 25% recycled Humboldt post-consumer plastic.
  • Net or Orchid Pots: 3 sizes:  3”, 5” 8” net pots used for orchid growing or hydroponics (available through American Hydroponics at ww.amhydro.com.
  • Architectural Tube Ends made with 50% recycled content.
  • Blow molded containers.

Manufacturing of small, medium, or large size batches for

  • New product
  • Just-in-Time inventory
  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production
  • Custom redesign to better meet manufacturer or distributors needs

Production:  Materials Used

  • Up to 2000 different grades of plastic resins
  • Local #2 HDPE plastic both colored and transparent from recycling centers if post-consumer recycled content is requested.   The percentage of recycled content is dependent on size of product and other considerations.

Business Services

Specialize in low-cost tooling:

  • Own product mold and innovate changes
  • Mold(s) and tooling can be amortized over a quantity of products.
  • On-site mold bases that can be used to reduce the cost for some product designs.
  • Ability to work with plastic, metal, wood

Innovator Services:

  • New product prototype assistance
  • Small batch production


Injection molding is a manufacturing process for producing parts or products by injecting material into a mold. Injection molding with plastic starts with pellets and/or plastic flakes and melts with temperatures up to 450 degrees.  Then the machine injects the plastic into the mold.  The mold is water cooled, opens, and the part drops out.  Cost of molds can be $600 to $60,000 or more.  The cost of molds can be worked into product or part production cost.

  • (3) Injection Molders
  • Size of product:  Very small: size of a dime or pea up to 2 cubic feet.
  • 20” x 20” x 10”
  • Weight up to 2 lbs.
  • Simple to very complex products  single to multi cavity molds
  • Recycled content from 25 – 50%  Depending on size of product

Blow molding is a manufacturing process by which hollow plastic parts are formed.  The blow molding process begins with melting down the plastic and forming it into a parison or preform. The parison is a tube-like piece of plastic with a hole in one end in which compressed air can pass through. The parison is then clamped into a mold and air is pumped into it. The air pressure then pushes the plastic out to match the mold. Once the plastic has cooled and hardened the mold opens up and the part is ejected.

  • (2) Rocheleau model spd-2
  • Dimension minimum – maximum  pint up to one gallon
  • Mold up to one gallon bottles:  .5 pint, pint, quart, .5 gallon and gallon, large mouth, handles*
  • Recycled content up to 50%

20 molds for containers are available to use at J&T (ask for details)

Categories: Blow Molding, Injection Molder, New Product Prototype, Recycled/Reused Content, Small Batch Production