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Mind’s Eye Manufactory & Coffee Lounge

Contact: Marc and Leah Daniels
Work 393 Main St Ferndale CA 95536 Home Phone: 707 834 3893 Website: Minds Eye Manufactory
Photo of Mind’s Eye Manufactory & Coffee Lounge

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Highlights:  Innovation Space:  Boat-making workspace:

Mind’s Eye Manufactory is a school of the “maker’s arts,” and feature a well-equipped workshop and knowledgeable staff to help.  There is also an on-site coffee house, Mind’s Eye Coffee Lounge.

The shop is intended to be inhabited by several craftspeople, each with their own section of the space.

Manufacturer of

True North Boats:  build the traditional skin-on-frame ocean craft of the far north. They create one-of-a-kind custom kayaks, teach skin-boat building workshops, and are committed to helping traditional skin boat building thrive in the Native communities.

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Traditional Native Craft:  True North Boats offer an immersion program for traditional boat building.

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

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Categories: MakerSpaces