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Contact: Spring Garrett
Work 1845 Oak Place Humboldt McKinleyville CA 95519 Work Phone: 707-601-6566 Website: Rumpelsilkskin
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Highlights : Textile:  Clothing: Art-To-Wear: Reused/Recycled Content

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Describe the Business:

All Rumpelsilkskin designs are made from repurposed items, with a thoughtful collection and composition of materials to flatter the wearer.  These included upcycled neckties (creating a higher value product with the materials of the original product), and are used to make hats, purses, bags or collars.  They are artistic and fun art-to-wear.

As Rumpelsilkskin says:  “There are a lot of discarded or unloved items out there just waiting to be used.  Rumpelsilkskin designs make beautiful wearable art out of materials that already had a useful life and are ready for their next adventure.”


rumple-3Manufacturer of:

  • Hats – in a variety of styles including glamourous
  • Headbands
  • Purses
  • Collar and Neck Pieces
  • Bags
  • Textile Jewelry




Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product,
  • Local product production,
  • Recycled content production

Production:  Materials Used

  • Ties, vintage jewelry and trims, antique buttons, repurposed leather and fabric, salvaged belts, found objects and thread (often the only “new” material.)

Business Services

Specialize in

  • Unique, One-of-a-kind, Upcycled Accessories
  • Will work with interested customers to create custom pieces


Taking cast off neckties, belts, and other items out of the waste stream and converting them into wearables that can last for many years.


Sewing machine, needle and thread

Categories: Apparel/Textile, Gifts, Recycled/Reused Content