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Scrap Humboldt

Contact: Malia Matsumoto
Work 101 H Street, Suite D Arcata CA 95521 Work Phone: (707) 822-2452 Website: SCRAP Humboldt
Photo of Scrap Humboldt

Biographical Info

SCRAP Humboldt is a project of SCRAP, a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to inspire creative reuse and environmentally sustainable behavior by providing educational programs and affordable materials to the community.  SCRAP (School Community Reuse Action Project) is based in Portland, Oregon and has sites all over the nation. SCRAP Humboldt applied and was accepted in August 2012.  Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Denton, Texas, Portland, Oregon, Richmond Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland are the current sites of the SCRAP USA.

SCRAP Humboldt operates a donation-based nonprofit creative reuse store and donation center in Arcata, California. Along with diverting unique materials from the waste stream, SCRAP also provides a range of educational opportunities, in The Studio and within the community.  Classes, teaching creative reuse skills for adults and children compliment their store with and their educational programs for children in K-12th grades.  SCRAP has developed a line of products created by their volunteers that reprise items with new life. The creative reuse center is full of supplies that can be used by artist, teachers, crafters and makers. Businesses and manufacturers can direct the appropriate production and business discards to SCRAP Humboldt as well as purchase office and shipping supplies.

Highlights: Creative reuse; supplies; small tool workspace; recycled content; awards; gifts

Manufacturer of

Products of SCRAP

  • Awards:  custom and made to order
  • To Go Kit
  • SCRAPbooking Pack
  • Collage Package
  • Robot Kit
  • Sticker Pack
  • Banner Kit
  • California Banner Kit
  • Buttons Jar
  • Pen Pal Pack
  • SCRAP gift baskets (custom)
  • Retail local artists creative reuse products
  • Organizing discarded material into usable supplies

Benefits of Product 

Creative Reuse is (defined by the Reuse Alliance) as upcycling or re-purposing an object and with the addition of creativity brings a new function.

SCRAP Humboldt collects discarded materials (see the list on their website) that can be reused. Hard to recycle materials are given a new life. Corks, tins, scratched CDs and records, are all examples of hard to recycle items that are great materials for creative reuse.  The discards of local production can be routed to SCRAP.   Useable materials are diverted from the landfill.  Materials are sold as supplies, used in their classes, or packaged in their products.

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production

Production:  Materials Used

  • Discarded and recyclable materials from the public, business, and manufacturers.

Business Services (for other companies)

SCRAP Humboldt will work with a business or manufacturer to reroute any of their discarded materials that can be reused through their retail store, classes, or their products.

Specialize in organizing for

  • Teacher’s Art supplies.
  • Artist supplies
  • Craft supplies
  • Office supplies

Innovator Services:

  • Design
  • New product prototype assistance
  • Other  –  organize discards to make them available for creative reuse


  • Material diversion (less dumping fee)
  • Supporting local nonprofit and in turn local businesses, manufacturers, educational and artistic community

Other skills, specializations (both in use and abilities)

  • Affordable materials, means lower cost of business operations for start-ups
  • Affordable access to space and tools means ability to manufacture prototypes and products
  • Work training
  • Environmental education
  • Usable materials will be diverted from the landfill.
Categories: Design Services, MakerSpaces, New Product Prototype, Recycled/Reused Content, Small Batch Production