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Times Printing

Contact: Lynn Dugaw
Work 106 T Street Eureka CA 95501 Work Phone: (707) 442-5741 Website: Times Printing
Photo of Times Printing

Biographical Info

Times Printing is a full service print shop and mail house.

Highlights: Full service print shop; 3D printing; marketing materials; new product prototype

Manufacturer of:

  • Marketing Materials:  Sales Sheets, Postcards, Brochures & Flyers, Door Hangers, Presentation Folders, Posters & Signs, Statement Inserts, Tickets
  • Booklets:  Newsletters, Annual Reports, Calendars, Programs, Directories, Soft Cover Books
  • Packaging:  Labels, Jewelry Cards, Bag Top Headers
  • Custom Office Supplies: Letterhead, Envelopes, Multi-part Forms, Note Pads, Tabbed Dividers
  • The Arts:  Art Prints, Folding Cards, Books


Types of Printing:  Digital, Offset, Variable Data, Letterpress, 3-D

Full Prepress Services:  File Manipulation, Scanning, Digital Archiving,

Full Bindery Services:  Die Cutting, Foiling, Embossing, Laminating, Book Binding

Automated Mailing Services:  Address Printing, Tabbing, Multi-Piece Inserting, Micro-glueing

3D Printing:  3D Printing is the process of making a solid, three dimensional object from a digital file. It is an additive process where layer by layer of material is added to create virtually any shape. They work primarily on creating prototypes for custom machine parts for local manufacturers.  They also create proprietary prototypes to be ultimately manufactured on lathes or mills.

Benefits of Product

Times Printing is the region’s exclusive producer of ECO-Printed® print work, which means they are committed to environmentally responsible printing practices. These practices reduce waste and prevent pollution throughout the entire printing process.

To ensure their client’s orders get completed on time they have two of every critical piece of machinery, which allows them to continue production while doing any repairs and maintenance needed.  They also have a back up generator to supply power to the plant in case of power outages.

Offset Printing
Their Quickmaster DI’s are revolutionary four color, waterless offset printing presses. This system allows for unparalleled level of waste reduction while producing top quality printing. In this process, electronic files are sent directly from the computer to the presses. No conventional film, plates, or related hazardous chemistry is used. The DI prints utilizing vegetable based inks with organic pigments on recycled paper. There is no harsh chemical waste byproduct.

Digital Printing:  Xerox digital presses were designed to strictly control emissions of chemicals and noise during equipment use. They have chemical emission levels that are well below global regulatory requirements. Xerox dry ink toner is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste (based on U.S. Federal regulations). This is the result of careful selection of materials and control of the raw material ingredients.  The toner cartridges are recycled after use.

Recycled Paper: Most of the papers in stock have recycled content.  They have access to papers that are 100% post consumer recycled, FSC certified papers, alternative fiber papers, and papers made with 100% Green Energy.

Mailing:  They have the equipment necessary to offer automated mailing services. Mailing lists are checked for duplicates and addresses that have changed within the last year are updated. Addresses and barcodes are printed directly onto the printed pieces, eliminating the need for address labels. Services such as gluing, tabbing, inserting and folding are also offered. Orders are then presorted and delivered to the post office.

Local office:  Stop by to see samples or discuss a print project.

Free Services:  Consulting, Delivery (Most Locations)

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • New product
  • Just-in-Time inventory
  • Local product production
  • Recycled content production

Production:  Materials Used

  • FSC and recycled content paper available.

Business Services (for other companies)

Specializes in:

  • Secure/Confidential Services: Secure, locked, walk in vault to store sensitive documents.
  • Secure and dedicated servers with client’s files and databases behind fire walls.
  • Gate keeping of intellectual property and copyright information.
  • Variable data printing where numbered, addressed, or targeted information is managed and printed.

Innovator Services:

  • New product prototype assistance


Times Printing has (3) 3D printers.  Printers are located in a secure room.

Equipment (including equipment not in use now)

Heidelberg Quickmaster DI (direct image) press, a revolutionary four-color waterless offset press. The DI prints using vegetable based inks on recycled paper, so there is no need for the traditional hazardous chemicals used for processing film and metal plates.

Equipment and software needed for automated mailing services.

(3) 3D printers

Categories: 3-D Printing, New Product Prototype