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Wildwood Manufacturing, Inc

Contact: Bruce Hamilton
Work 1055 Samoa Boulevard Arcata CA 95521 Work Phone: (707) 822-9541 Website: Wildwood Manufacturing, Inc.
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Biographical Info

Wildwood is a manufacturer of quality guitar bodies and necks to the music industry. They are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and do not sell parts to the public.  Wildwood is a supplier to builders of fine electric guitars and/or basses providing unfinished bodies and necks for existing models or new models made to precise specifications. Their facility is a modern, highly-tooled, and highly-specialized industrial manufacturing operation with a singular focus: being a custom woodshop for the electric guitar industry.

Highlights: Guitar component parts; OEM supplier (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for music industry; wood

Manufacturer of

  • Guitar bodies
  • Guitar necks

For the music industry.

Benefits of Product

  • Fretting is done by hand, one fret at a time. Every slot is machined to a specific width and depth on the CNC machine to match the tang on any of the nine wire profiles that Wildwood stocks. They produce a level, consistent set of frets that need only the final dressing. Finish sanding is meticulously thorough until both the board and the carve feel great.
  • Some of the finest electric guitars and basses on the market today start with the foundation of Wildwood Manufacturing‘s bodies and necks.

Manufacturing Process:

The process begins the specific requirements.   The CAD software is utilized to interpret size and shape, weight reduction pattern, arm and waist bevels, pickup and neck pockets, etc. into a set of commands that the three axis CNC machine can follow. The CNC machine carves two bodies each cycle, two fronts and two backs, with accuracy to a couple thousandths of an inch. Pickup pockets, rear control cavities, neck pockets, and weight reduction channels are accurately reproduced on all guitar and bass bodies.

Wildwood is able to create a body or neck that is unique to the customer specifications.

Business Inquiry:  

Wildwood is a supplier of component electric guitar parts for the guitar industry and they do not sell to the public. Contact above

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • Component parts for music industry (intermediate supplier)
  • Local product production

Materials Used

  • Hardwoods (Sustainably Harvested)


  • A range of guitar bodies and necks for final production of guitars

Equipment (including equipment not in use now)

  • Anderson CNC three-axis router
  • Milling, wood working and finishing equipment.
  • “Chest of Vacuum” – individual vacuum drawers that creates the force to glue one bent top at a time to one body core, this piece of equipment was engineered by in-house staff.
Categories: Musical Instruments, Wood Products