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Wing Inflatables

Contact: Andrew Branagh
Work 1220 5th Street Arcata CA 95521 Work Phone: (707) 826-2887 Website: Wing Inflatables
Photo of Wing Inflatables

Biographical Info

Wing Inflatable is a manufacturer of a variety of fresh and salt-water marine craft and RIBs, (Rigid Inflatable Boats).  They also manufacturer a range of custom projects such as buoys, bumpers, lift-bags, rollers, chemical-spill containment floats, and more.

Wing Inflatables specializes in thermo-welding high-strength, long-lasting polyurethane coated fabrics in an array of designs and applications.

Highlights: Water craft; recreational; rigid inflatable boats; chemical-spill containment floats; collapsible fuel bags


Manufacturer of

  • Sponsons Tubes and Collars
  • P Series Inflatable Boats Fully Inflatable CRRC (Combat Rubber Raiding Craft)
  • Rafts and Inflatable Boats Wing IBS and Whitewater Rafts
  • Skicollar
  • Wingcat (work  boat design)
  • Collapsible Fuel Bags
  • Polyurethane Fabrication of custom products:  buoys, bumpers, lift-bags, rollers, chemical-spill containment floats and more.

Benefits of Product

Products are made with Polyurethane: it’s tougher, stronger, weight savings, longer-lasting, better looking and it has a cleaner production. It provides superior abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, U/V resistance, and tear-strength, as measured against competition.

  • Improved Bonding Process
  • Improved Repairability
  • Urethane coated fabric tubes can save weight while increasing strength, simplify supply problems concerning repair adhesives, allow quicker repairs and reduce potential health issues during manufacture
  • Wing polyurethane has twice the puncture resistance and four times greater abrasion resistance than Hypalon.
  • Expected service life of a polyurethane tube is 7-8 years versus only five years for a Hypalon tube.
  • Our air-holding seams are permanently thermo-welded, not glued.
  • Wing’s proprietary CAD software factors material strength and stretch into the patterning of each boat.
  • Typically fast 60-day turnaround on new or replacement sponsons.
  • Tube design can reduce weight and increase usable space.
  • Wing designs result in optimum speed, handling and fuel economy.
  • Wing polyurethane products are Buy American Act and Berry Amendment compliant.

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Additional contacts:

Andrew Branagh, President and CEO, 707.826.2887 x226
Mark French, Executive Vice President and CFO, 707.826.2887 x222
Matt Unger, COO, 707.826.2887 x229
Laura Sickles, Managing Director/Sales-Customer Service, 707.826.2887 x200

Manufacturing of small or medium size batch for

  • Local product production

Materials Used

  • Polyurethane materials
Categories: Recreational Products